Wisdom Clean Between Brushes

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  • Easy alternative to flossing
  • Contains no metal
  • Plastic and nylon handle with flexible rubber bristles
  • Gentle, soft but efficient interdental cleaning
  • Rubber head feels softer and less harsh than traditional bristles
  • 20 brushes per pack
  • 3 sizes to suit different gap diameters - Blue Fine, Green Medium, Purple Large

Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes

Wisdom Clean Between Brushes provide easy and comfortable interdental cleaning. Wire-free brushes are also suitable for patients with implants, crowns, orthodontic appliances and metal fillings. Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes are an especially recommended alternative when you find standard interdental brushes or flosses painful or difficult to use between teeth.


Wisdom rubber interdental brushes

The tapered brush with soft rubber coated tip gently slides into gaps between teeth, without irritating for gums or enamel (no scratchy feeling). Flexible, rubber bristles massage and stimulate your gums, helping to safely remove plaque and food particles.


Wisdom Interdental Brushes - Sizes

Wisdom Clean Between brushes are available in three sizes to suit different sizes of interdental spaces. To select the adequate size, either ask your dentist for advice or start with the smallest one.


l Wisdom Clean Between Blue – Fine Size

(previously Blue Small)
The smallest and probably the most popular size of Wisdom Interdental Brushes are perfect for small gaps between teeth or around orthodontic appliances. Recommended for people with close teeth or to clean between the front teeth.


l Wisdom Clean Between Green – Medium Size

(previously Green Medium)
The medium-sized Wisdom Interdental Brushes are suitable for regular gaps. People with close teeth still may find the need to use them between particular teeth.


l Wisdom Clean Between Purple – Large Size

(previously Purple X-Large)
The large size of Wisdom Interdental Brushes was devised for bigger gaps between teeth. People with small and regular gaps between teeth still may find the need to use them between particular teeth.


Why should you use Wisdom interdental brushes

For optimal oral hygiene, you need effective interdental cleaning in addition to brushing your teeth with a toothbrush. Research claims that only 60% of your teeth are accessible with a regular toothbrush. It’s easy to clean the chewing part, the cheek-side and the tongue-side of the tooth. The outstanding 40% of teeth surface is hidden in difficult to reach areas, such as the forward and the back side of the tooth. Wisdom Clean Between brushes also help to remove bacteria from the gumline, protecting gums against gingivitis.


Daily use of Wisdom Interdental Brushes

Daily use of an interdental brush removes plaque, keeps your teeth and gums healthy, and your breath fresh. To clean your interdental spaces hold the plastic handle and gently push the rubber tip of the brush into each space between your teeth. Move it back and forward couple of times to provide the best mechanical cleaning of plaque. Don’t force the brush into the gap. If the brush feels to narrow, use a smaller size of brush.

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