VITIS Whitening Mouthwash 500ml

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  • Effectively whitens teeth in 10 days by removing stains and preventing their formation, while also preventing tooth sensitivity without harming enamel.
  • By far the most advanced oral care product available thanks to DENTAID haprepair® technology.
  • Combines 5 actions: Anti-stain, anti-calculus, polishing, anticaries, repair and whitening action. 
  • Repairs damaged enamel, deep down.
  • Forms an erosion-resistant protective layer.
  • Strengthens and remineralises enamel.
  • Eliminates tooth sensitivity.

VITIS Whitening Mouthwash with Nanorepair 500ml

VITIS® Whitening Mouthwash effectively whitens teeth by removing stains and preventing their formation(1), while also preventing tooth sensitivity without harming enamel.



  • Tooth whitening in people with extrinsic staining from intake of tea, coffee, smoking, etc.
  • After professional oral cleaning to keep teeth clean and stain-free.
  • Suitable for people with celiac disease (does not contain gluten).

It is formulated with the exclusive DENTAID exclusive haprepair® technology, containing a large number of active hydroxyapatite particles, a naturally occurring element in teeth that integrates effectively into the enamel, allowing the active hydroxyapatite to fill uneven surfaces, repair the enamel and obtain a smoother, brighter surface.

VITIS Whitening Mouthwash is a daily use mouthwash with a unique formula that combines 4 actions to ensure superior efficacy:

  • Anti-staining action: removes stains from the tooth enamel surface and prevents their formation.
  • Anti-calculus action: delays and stops the formation of calculus, while it also removes stains and prevents their formation.
  • Anticaries action: protects and remineralises tooth enamel, therefore preventing the onset of caries.
  • Repairing and whitening action: hydroxyapatite particles integrate with tooth enamel and fill irregular tooth surfaces, while they repair tooth enamel and seal open dentinal tubules, treating and relieving tooth sensitivity.

It also acts as a complement to the toothpaste by accessing hard-to-reach areas and retaining active substances in the mouth for longer periods.

The VITIS Whitening range, including VITIS Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, restores the natural white of teeth after 10 days of use(2), while preventing dental sensitivity without harming tooth enamel.



Rinse with 15 ml of undiluted VITIS® whitening mouthwash for 30 seconds. For best results, it is recommended not to rinse with water and to avoid eating or drinking immediately after use.

1.In vitro studies of whitening and stain prevention on teeth and on hydroxyapatite discs. R&D Laboratory. Dentaid, 2013.
2.Dentist-controlled efficacy study. 2012.


See more about nanorepair® technology in the following video: 

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