VITIS Toothbrush Medium Access (Compact Head) Cellowrap

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  • Daily toothbrush providing greater precision.
  • Recommended for adults and adolescents with small dental arches as well as those with limited mouth opening.
  • The VITIS Access Medium Toothbrush can also be used to facilitate oral cleaning of children as the head adapts to the mouth of the child and the handle to the adult’s hand.
  • Colour sent may vary with colour shown.
  • Packaged in cellowrap.

VITIS medium access is a toothbrush with medium strength filaments that is designed to efficiently remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and a small brush head, specifically for small mouths and for accessing hard-to-reach areas. VITIS® medio access is a daily use toothbrush with a small brush head which facilitates access to the backmost portions of the mouth and reduces gag reflex. Its medium strength filaments, arranged in a wavy surface pattern, efficiently access interdental spaces while they make it easy to clean along the gum line. The neck of the VITIS® medio access toothbrush is flexible, and can be bent to the best position for your mouth, to improve brushing access. The handle is ergonomic and offers antislip grooves for easy use and a comfortable grip during brushing. Its protective cap keeps filaments grouped together in optimally hygienic conditions.

Available in six colours: transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and purple. Colour sent at random.

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