Ulcer Treatments

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Mouth ulcers are small painful patches or lumps that can appear in the mouth. These can be triggered by both uncontrollable and controllable factors. The uncontrollable factors include:

-Unpredictable Hormonal changes

-Genetics -Long term conditions such as IBD or Coeliac disease.

-Vitamin deficiency such as B12 or Iron

The controllable factors include:

-Food Intolerances or allergies

-Cuts or burns when eating

-Stress or Anxiety

-Badly fitted dentures, braces, or sharp chipped teeth

There are many over the counter treatments available which can help ease the discomfort or swelling associated with mouth ulcers. These treatments can be particularly helpful if mouth ulcers are a recurring condition you are faced with or if they are affecting your eating and drinking. In this category, you will find some of these useful products. There are also some things that can be done to speed up the healing process, including:

-Using a softer toothbrush and staying away from the affected area

-Applying a protective paste or special product onto the ulcer

-Avoiding spicy, acidic or salty foods and drinks until the ulcer has healed

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