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Water flossers and air flossers help remove harmful bacteria seamlessly by pulsing water or air at just the right pressure to reach those hard to find places where food and debris get stuck. The great thing about cordless water flossers is that they reach those places we can't even see.

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Benefits of using Water Flossers

  • Safely and effectively cleans dental work like veneers, crowns, bridges, etc.
  • Very easy to use with braces.
  • Makes flossing so easy and fast that it removes our excuses to not floss, which means you’re more prone to actually do it!
  • Removes more plaque than regular flossing, making it easier to maintain white teeth.
  • Creates a healthier environment in your mouth which contributes to fresh breath, healthier gums, and easier future checkups.
  • It's a good alternative if bleeding gums occur during traditional flossing.
  • It helps prevent gum disease and gingivitis.
  • A safe and gentle way of flossing.
  • Quick and easy to use.