Emergency Dental Repair Kit

There is nothing worse than being on your honeymoon, in-flight, on a camping trip, or on a long car ride when dental emergency strikes – you may have lost a filling which leads to an unrelenting inconvenient toothache. Knowing what to do can prevent major discomfort.


Emergency kits contain a wide variety of dental treatments for emergency situations therefore giving you the opportunity to apply some basic care before heading to the dentist. The majority of emergency kits will include materials that are lower grade than your dentist would use. Therefore, materials such as dental cements will only stay in place for a short period of time. However, dental kits can be used effectively for temporary treatment in a number of different scenarios: Experiencing toothache, losing a tooth, losing a filling, fracturing a tooth or losing a crown or breaking a denture.


It is vital to remember that home dental repair kits are only designed to provide temporary dental relief. They are not designed to be long-term solutions.

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  3. Dr Denti Tooth-fil Temporary Tooth Filling - image Dr Denti Tooth-fil Temporary Tooth Filling

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