SECURE Denture Adhesive Strips 15's

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  • Extra firm hold for lower dentures, which typically can be more problematic.
  • Clincally proven to be the most effective denture retention solution available.
  • Effective even in cases of very flat and narrow lower ridges.
  • Provides strong bond between dentures and gum.
  • 15 strips in a pack.

SECURE Denture Adhesive Strips

With advancements in the healthcare industry, there have been a lot of quality of life improvements that have come forth. One such improvement is the introduction of dentures into modern life. With their entrance into our lives, it has also become essential to make sure that proper care is taken when wearing dentures. SECURE Denture Strips are an adhesive that creates a secure, strong and long lasting bond between the gum and denture. It acts like a soft pillow, preventing, tissue irritation, compression sores and inflammation of the oral mucosa and holds lower dentures firmly all day long. SECURE provides you with the confidence to lead a full and active life.

Best denture adhesive for lower dentures

SECURE strips make sure that your dentures don’t slip and require readjustment. These strips are suitable for both upper and lower dentures. These are actually designed to work well in both applications and make sure that the lower dentures stay firmly in place which are most often the most problematic to deal with.

As for the actual physical properties that these strips have, they work excellently even in cases of dry mouth. They have no taste of their own and are completely free of any zinc. One of the most important features of these strips is also that they remain unaffected by any food or drink that you intake. SECURE is insoluble and its effectiveness is not diminished by drink or saliva.You’ll find that this pack contains 15 individual Secure Dental Adhesive Strips.

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