MI Paste Plus

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  • GC Paste is a fluoride alternative to GC Mousse 
  • Contains Recaldent™
  • Unique water-based, sugar-free topical tooth cream
  • Relieves tooth sensitivity
  • Helps minimise tooth sensitivity
  • Effectively restores minerals to eroded areas of the teeth
  • Strengthens weak enamel 
  • Enhanced with a patented form of fluoride (900ppm)
  • Is not a toothpaste; it is a topical tooth crème that can be used safely several times daily

GC MI Paste Plus

GC MI Paste Plus™ is a water-based creme containing RECALDENT™. Recaldent™ is gotten from the milk protein, casein. For a long time, it has been realized that milk and its subordinates have a tooth defensive impact. Research has demonstrated that this action is because of a piece of the casein protein called Casein Phosphopeptide (or CPP), which helps to restore minerals in teeth.

Recaldent toothpaste restores enamel

RECALDENT™ fortifies teeth enamel by conveying calcium and phosphate to remineralize the parts that have been influenced by decay.


GC MI Paste Plus remineralization

GC MI Paste Plus is designed to provide extra protection for teeth and neutralise internal and external acid sources.


GC MI Paste Plus for teeth sensitivity

The paste reduces hypersensitivity by obturating open dentinal tubules.


GC MI Paste Plus indications

GC MI Paste Plus is the only product for professional use containing RECALDENT™ enhanced with 900 ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride. Does not irritate dry mouths caused by certain medications.The paste is indicated for use as a topical treatment for high-caries risk, xerostomia, orthodontics, post-bleaching, oncology, paediatric, and high plaque/special needs.




GC MI Paste Plus vs GC Tooth Mousse

GC Tooth Mousse is recommended for:

GC MI Paste Plus is recommended for:

  • Patients with a low to medium risk of caries
  • Sufferers from white spot lesions
  • Hypersensitivity before and after teeth
  • Whitening
  • Following advanced dental procedures for example, root scaling or cleaning
  • For children under 6 years old
  • Patients with a medium or high risk of caries
  • Patients during medical treatment that may impact their oral health
  • People who have an acidic oral environment
  • Sufferers from erosion and gastric reflux
  • Those who need support due to inadequate plaque control
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