Enzycal Toothpaste 950ppm 75 ml

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  • Gentle anti-caries toothpaste
  • High in fluoride at 950ppm
  • Does not contain chlorhexidine
  • Enamel strengthening toothpaste
  • Helps to protect the surface of your teeth against caries
  • SLS free toothpaste

Enzycal Toothpaste 950ppm 75ml offers several benefits for oral care:

  1. Effective protection: Enzycal Toothpaste contains 950 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride, which is an optimal concentration for providing effective protection against tooth decay. It helps strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

  2. Enzyme technology: This toothpaste utilizes enzyme technology, including lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase, which help maintain a healthy oral environment. These enzymes help break down harmful bacteria and plaque, promoting fresher breath and healthier teeth and gums.

  3. Gentle on tooth enamel: Enzycal Toothpaste is designed to be gentle on tooth enamel, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth. It provides effective cleaning without causing enamel erosion or tooth sensitivity.

  4. Clinically tested: This toothpaste has undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure its safety and efficacy. The results have shown its effectiveness in reducing the risk of tooth decay and improving overall oral health.

  5. Fresh mint flavor: Enzycal Toothpaste offers a refreshing mint flavor, leaving your mouth feeling clean and revitalized after each use.

By using Enzycal Toothpaste 950ppm, you can enjoy the benefits of effective cavity protection, enzyme technology, gentle enamel care, and a fresh mint flavor. Regular use of this toothpaste can contribute to maintaining a healthy and vibrant smile.


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