• Sep 2021 -

    Brushing is the most important element of our daily oral care. Studies have shown that most people spend no more than 1 minute brushing their teeth daily - this is considerably less than the 2-3 minutes recommended and encouraged by dentists and

  • Aug 2021 -

    It is vital to perform an effective oral care routine twice a day in order to keep the teeth clean and healthy and to prevent decay. At least 30% of British adults admit that they do not brush their teeth twice a day, most commonly skipping this

  • Why use Gengigel First Aid?

    Gengigel First Aid Oral Fluid has been specifically developed to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up the healing of post-operative wounds and oral trauma. Containing 4x the concentration

  • May 2021 -


    Whilst face masks have had a significant role in keeping us safe during the pandemic, wearing them has had an impact on our daily oral hygiene and has led to the rise of a new oral health issue referred to as mask mouth.

  • Jun 2019 -