Oral Care

  • May 2019 -

    Sugar is delicious. It’s seriously, all consumingly delicious. It’s addictive and satisfies those low energy moments like no other. But what are we really sacrificing for that blood sugar spike? We know, from years of research that too much sugar

  • Apr 2018 -

    Caries, commonly known as tooth decay is a multifactorial disease of bacterial origin, and due to the huge scale of tooth decay, it’s a modern-day epidemic. History tells us that hundreds of years ago human teeth were in much better condition, despite poor oral hygiene. - What was so special about them? Food! Continue reading

  • Dec 2017 -

    All mouthrinses contain active ingredients designed to perform a particular function, the most common example being fluoride to strengthen enamel and protect against decay. In terms of gum health, there are a couple of option to consider. Continue reading

  • Dec 2017 -


    Twice daily mechanical plaque removal is the single most important part of your daily regime, it sweeps away food debris and disrupts the biofilm. Whether your preference is manual or electric make sure that you spend 2 minutes systematically work from one quadrant of the mouth to the other, cleaning all surfaces of the tooth as you go. Continue reading

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