TePe Interdental Brushes

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  • Deep cleaning and efficient plaque removal between teeth
  • Accessing up to 40% more tooth surfaces than with a toothbrush alone
  • Plastic coated wires prevent sensitivity
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Includes a travel cap in each pack for hygienic storage
  • Available in 9 sizes
  • Each pack contains 8 brushes (price = price per pack)
  • Mixed colours pack contains all sizes except the black
  • Recommended storage solution: TePe Interdental Brush Travel Case


TePe Original Interdental Brushes - details

The TePe interdental brush is a small, easy-grip brush, devised especially for cleaning the gaps between your teeth and areas below the gum line, where a regular toothbrush cannot reach. The core of these special brushes is a metal wire with a plastic coating and filament which cover 98% of the wire. A cylindrically shaped brush with a rounded loop cleans your teeth thoroughly and gently. Each pack contains one travel cap that can be used also as a handle extension (you just need to stick it on the end of a brush handle).


How to use TePe brushes?

Choose the interdental brush that comfortably fits between your teeth. Insert the brush gently into a gap and then move it back and forth. After using, rinse the brush. For proper cleaning you may need more than one interdental brush size. The most challenging place to reach is the back teeth. You can do this with a simple trick: if you are using smaller size brushes (pink, orange, red or blue), just mildly bend the soft neck of the brush wire as required. While using bigger size brushes (yellow, green, purple, grey or black), which come with hardened necks, you need to gently curve the wire to shape them as required.


Don’t apply regular toothpaste, because of abrasives that it contains. Instead, you can use anti-bacterial TePe Gingival Gel, which is especially designed for use with an interdental brush.


To know how to properly use TePe interdental brushes for your daily oral care routine – see the following VIDEO.


Interdental brushing – how often?

Using an interdental brush on a daily basis, as an addition to tooth brushing, is an easy and efficient way to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy. When used every day, these brushes are effective in reducign the build-up of plaque. Cleaning with an interdental brush prevents gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath.


Are TePe brushes good for people with implants and braces?

Interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around implants or braces. TePe brushes efficiently clean the sides of implants. For the best results, choose the right size brush, insert it gently and then move it back and forth a few times close to each implant.


To know how to use TePe interdental brushes to clean the sides of your implants – see the following VIDEO

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